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Styling Work | Sunday Independent LIFE Magazine

Sally Gap Styling Shoot

I love photoshoot day. The shoot was for LIFE magazine Sunday Independent and this was a particulary great one for me as I did the styling for the shoot too. The brief was to showcase Irish designers and I choose a selection of some

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Royal Collection | Buckingham Palace label

One of my favourite commissions/collaborations was designing a range of scarves for The Buckingham Palace label. The range comprised of six different print designs; 3 on silk squares and 3 on long modal scarves. They sold on the Royal Collection Trust website and in

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Sustainable Fashion - FAO Millinery & Susannagh Grogan collaboration

Sustainable Fashion | FAO Millinery & Susannagh Grogan

UNDER ONE HAT We as consumers are embracing sustainable fashion. In fact we all need to think about our strategies towards greater sustainability in the fashion industry, buying quality over quantity and considering our consumption and use, with this in mind 2 Irish accessory designers, Susannagh Grogan Scarves and

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Anthropologie USA

I love Anthropologie & of course, I love scarves. One of my favourite things is partnering to collaborate and bringing something uniquely ours to other brands customers. Anthropologie UK + USA and I worked together to produce original design prints for their online and

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Aerlingus – Boutique

Following on from my series of travel exclusives for Aerlingus in 2014 + 2015, I designed 2 new Susannagh Grogan Scarf exclusives for Ireland’s leading airline, Aerlingus’ Sky Shopping Boutique Magazine. They were available on all Aerlingus flights. It was a proud moment to

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#1 seller for Anthropologie

Susannagh Grogan for Anthropologie I was delighted to have been asked by Anthropologie US & UK to produce another Susannagh Grogan scarf for their stores. ‘Blooming Hour Infinity Scarf’ was available in their retail stores across the USA and UK and on their website. It’s

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Aerlingus Boutique

Aerlingus and I worked together again to produce a selection of scarves for their inflight ‘Boutique’ magazine. Printed on modal fabric they were a new casual wear scarf & lower price especially produced for Aerlingus flyers. It is a really lovely feeling to sell

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Anthropologie USA

I was incredibly excited to have been asked to produce one of my Susannagh Grogan scarves to suit the fabulous Anthropologie customer. I sourced different fabrics and decided that the softest modal, a really versatile fabric, was the perfect choice. So people who love

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Susannagh Grogan Scarves for Ballyfin

Ballyfin Demesne

Susannagh Grogan Scarves delivered a very special commission for Ballyfin Demesne. ” Fashion Innovation Awards’ Accessory Designer of the Year 2011, Susannagh Grogan showcases her 15 years international experience as a print designer for fashion. The silk collection is designed exclusively by Susannagh for Ballyfin

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Susannagh Grogan Scarves | Stateside

Shopping in New York Just been to New York for a couple of days – the current collection of scarves are going stateside! Have a VERY exciting New York shop for resort will keep you posted……

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