Susannagh Grogan

2 Scarves | Empowerment Collection


Choose 2 scarves from the range of 10 (please write in comments on checkout your 2)

buy 2 separate price €130

  1. Blue: Brave or Curúil (warrior-like/brave)
  2. Green: Love or Grá (love/passion/fondness)
  3. Blush Pink: Extraordinary or Láidir (strong person)
  4. Red: Boundless or Duine ar leith (A person apart/a remarkable person)
  5. Sky Blue: Empowered or Éifeachtach (forceful/significant/powerful/highly capable)

60x60cm | 100% Silk Twill | Gift-wrapped

Irish words come with translation card  | English words come with postcard of quotes

Free P+P Ireland + Europe


Designed in Ireland.

Printed in Italy.

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