Susannagh Grogan

Susannagh Grogan Ribbon Silk Scarf


Delighted to see my Colour Riot Collection ‘Ribbon Green’ Silk Scarf  in Image Magazine’s ‘Stylist St Patrick Day GiftsMarie Kelly, Fashion Editor of Image says ‘Embracing tradition doesn’t have to be twee. Here gorgeous St Patrick’s Day gifts perfect for the design conscious women in your world. This elegant square silk scarf from Irish designer Susannagh Grogan cleverly takes the colours of the flag and layers them with tonal shades for a look that’s distinctly Irish without being too in your face. Tie it round your neck, or to the handle of your shopper.’

But did you know that blue was the original colour associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Early depictions of St. Patrick show him wearing blue, which was the color of the Order of St. Patrick, was called St. Patrick’s Blue. Some think the wearing of green on Paddy’s day originated from Ireland being called ‘The Emerald Isle’ because of its beautiful countryside (thanks to the copious rain). Others think the green stripe in the Irish flag played a role with the green representing the Catholics of Ireland, the orange representing the Protestant population, and the white in the middle symbolizing the peace between the two religions.

Either way its Green all the way now!

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